Do I Teach Photography?

Recently, there’s been a lot of enquiries about whether do I teach Photography and Digital Imaging. Well, what can I say?… Of course I said that I do…

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It all started with this tuition-cum-computer centre, asking if I’d be interested to teach Digital Imaging at their centre. At first I thought it strange that a reputable centre like theirs, that provide quality academic courses, is looking for somebody to teach vocational skills like Digital Imaging.

But in the process of getting to know more about their programme, I found out that they’re actually branching out of the academic norm, and going into providing non-academic skills to their students in addition to their normal academic needs. Well, what can I say?… So I agreed to help them out.

Adobe Photoshop CS6
Adobe Photoshop CS6

The first thing on hand was to work out a syllabus specifically for their centre. And since I’m actually involved in the industry itself, and not simply rambling everything out of a text book, I had to plan a syllabus that reflects realistically to the real world out there. To me, there’s no point teaching everything from Chapter 1 to Chapter 30, when the students don’t even use 50% of what they’ve been taught in the first place. So the syllabus that I worked out is definitely what I’m personally using in the real world out there.

And while I was working out the syllabus for Digital Imaging, I thought to myself, why not work out a syllabus for Photography at the same time too? Just like for Digital Imaging, I worked out the Photography course to reflect the needs of the real world out there.

So as of now, I’ve already started teaching Digital Imaging at the centre, and have also asked them to start the Photography class as well. Elsewhere, I’ve also considered teaching both Digital Imaging and Photography one-to-one as well.

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Besides, I don’t see parting with my skills as being a bad thing at all. The more people I can help to excel in my field, the better it is for me. I don’t see it as introducing more direct competitors into the field. The fact is that the more people that I train, the higher up in this field that I can achieve. There’s satisfaction in seeing people that I’ve taught or trained excel in this field.

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Well, if you have any interest to learn, don’t feel shy… Just contact us, and we’ll custom make a course that’s suitable for you.

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