Tioman Island, Tropical Island Paradise


It has been quite some time since I last wrote. And since then, I almost never got a chance to think up what else to write about. It seemed that I had touched almost everything that has to do with photography already… Until last week, when I had my well-deserved, and not to mentioned long-overdue holidays…


This time around, I went to the beautiful island of Tioman, some two hours off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia by ferry. This tropical island paradise was voted as one of the top-ten most beautiful islands in the whole world. I don’t know who did the poll, nor what criteria it was based on to decide if it was indeed one of the top-ten most beautiful islands. However, one thing I can truly say is this – This is indeed the perfect getaway from the routine of the hustle and bustle of the city life. A couple of days on the island is enough to refresh both your mind and body.

Well, aside from lazing around on the beach, frolicking in the shallow waters with the friendly little coral reef fishes, and bar hopping around the duty-free island, trying to get drunk, there are also plenty of photographic opportunities all over the island. This is my third trip to the island, the last being a working trip, to shoot for the state-level tourism authority, for use in their travel brochures and travel planner back in March 2003. Back then, it was purely a working trip, so I never even got the chance to take a  dip into the crystal clear waters…


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