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The collaboration between Solarex Imaging with Sapura Imaging (M) Sdn. Bhd. (formally known as Build East Graphics Sdn. Bhd.) to conduct digital photography workshops has been going on for quite some time now. But isn’t until now that this collaboration is formalized, and promotions are in full swing.

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Throughout the past year-and-half, both companies have been designing and refining course contents to cater for the participants. And while these workshops were already being conducted, the contents weren’t exactly written on stone just yet. There were indeed quite a lot of teething problems that had to be ironed out throughout these times, and both parties were working just as hard to fine-tune these workshops, so that a proper system could be established for the future. A system whereby the course contents could cater for the demands of the participants, and still able to adhere to the ever evolving market conditions.

In a gist, Sapura Imaging had been conducting training in the Digital Imaging market for a long time already, being one of the few Authorised Adobe Training Centres here. And being a market leader in the Graphic Art market, they had been supplying the properly structured training from the image editing portion right up to the final output, the printing portion. What they lacked was in the area of image input, i.e. photography, specifically digital photography.

Realising that photography is more abstract and less structured than the other two portions in their portfolio, a structured training system may not work out as expected. If one is going to learn proper photography, he or she cannot expect to burn through text books, and emerge to know everything there is to know about it. Photography is a living skill, and is also one of the fastest evolving skill out there in the real world. About the only guaranteed method of learning proper photography is via internship, doing real shoots. But unfortunately, not many interested parties are willing to slog through the whole works to learn something that they may or may not make a living out of.

To to cater for the demand in the market, the solution was to engage a professional photographer, one with experience in the real world, and co-develop training programmes that are geared towards learning the real practical skills, without participants being burdened by memorising all the boring theory classes. So that’s how Solarex Imaging came into the picture.

Working closely with the main organiser, after conducting several real workshops, with real participants, we have finally come to the conclusion that conducting a single, comprehensive long course wasn’t feasible. So we broke it up into several topics of interest within photography itself, and offered these short individual topics as the modular building block workshops instead. Emphasis was more on actual practical photo shoots rather than boring theory classes. Click here to see the current courses being offered.

We have added a new short course to this group of short courses, i.e., Outdoor Model Shoot. As of now, the promotional material hasn’t been finalised just yet. But you can see what this particular course is like via this link.

The video clip above was developed as an introduction to the courses offered. Should there be any interest or queries about these short courses, please feel free to email them to us. We will do our best to answer them for you.

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