Management Consultancy & Corporate Training

We conducted an international Management Consultancy and Corporate Training for Trust Alliance Technology Limited (TATL), a real estate and developer company in Dhaka, Bangladesh, specialising in building niche, low-density, high-end residential apartment buildings. In a city bustling with constant development of high-density, low to medium cost living quarters catering for the masses, TATL chose to go the opposite direction, and tap into the market of building luxurious homes for the privileged few.

TATL Consultancy Exercise

Trust Alliance, The Company

Starting with a small company, both in size of market share as well as number of employees, TATL is poised to expand rapidly, doubling head-count in as little as a year’s growth.

As the head-count grows, so does the difficulty of providing the personal touch to the finished products. So in order to maintain the tight ship that the owners were known for, we were tasked to provide training for the staff, and to help lay out the groundwork to ensure a well-planned and executed expansion.

“There is nothing constant in life other than change itself.”

Hence, the adaptation to the change is the life-blood for the company to grow.

Nothing binds throughout the people better than a visit to the working place for the people who forms the participants for out training programmes. Here, we visited out target audience, the site engineers, at their “office”, right next to the construction sites. We were fortunate to be taken for a guided tour around the various construction sites.

Indeed, it was a wonderful week that we had spent there. Not only did we impart knowledge to the participants, but we also learnt something in return too. We look forward to doing more of this kind of training in the future.

The Start Of The Consultancy Business For Us

The week-long stint with TATL was a major milestone for us, as it was the first time we were engaged for an international consultancy gig. This was what really kick-started it all for us in the corporate consultancy and corporate training industry.

And if all goes well, there will be plenty more to come in the future.

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