How To Land Yourself Your Dream Job

DSC_5960We conducted a workshop on How To Land Yourself Your Dream Job with iContent Knowledge House at their office premise. The audience was a small international group of final year undergraduates and fresh graduates. We also had the opportunity to share the finer tips of beating the competition when it comes to landing the first big fish in the working world.

Getting the first job after graduation is almost a guarantee, but getting that dream job may be more than just a dream for most highly ambitious fresh graduates. Regardless what they majored in, or where their interest lies, this was the workshop that opened their eyes to the reality of the working world.

It takes a passionate facilitator to be able to convey the message across effectively. Even if you have done your homework extensively, memorised all the points, and displayed all of your showmanship, nothing will be able to drum the message into your audience’s head more effectively than to be genuinely passionate about your topic.

Not only is it not wrong to dream of securing that perfect job offer, it is actually encouraged. Of course, it mustn’t all be just empty daydreams, but to dream of an objective to work towards, and to develop yourself into.

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