Professional Photography Mentorship

Image courtesy of Jonathan Woo.

The general assumption is that if you have a better camera, you’ll be a better photographer. But nothing’s further from the truth than that… The more gear you accumulate, the more you’ll want to master its function. And the more you master its function, the better you become at OPERATING the hardware. Just like how a painter doesn’t become a better artist by owning and mastering how to use the various brushes and paints, you don’t become a better photographer by owning and using more lenses and flashguns that you can carry with you.

In contrast to what the commercial world tells you, learning to be a good photographer actually lies deep within yourself, not with the ownership of the latest and greatest hardware as suggested by the manufacturer’s advertisements. Unleash the inner artist within yourself, and let this force guide you to capture images that’s beyond your wildest imagination… Way beyond what the various programme modes in the camera suggests that you can do… if you buy their products, that is…

With that in mind, we’ve developed a mentorship programme instead of a training programme, one that allows you define what you want to learn, and how to master the skills needed to shoot what you want to shoot. And best of all, you can learn all that you want to learn, and do it at your own pace. There’s no syllabus to tell you what you have to learn, and how much time you need to complete that particular module. We don’t teach you photography. Instead, we encourage you to explore the photographic world, and we’ll guide you to master the skills that you want.

And most importantly, don’t believe what the advertisements tell you… You can learn to shoot professional quality images just be using the cheapest and simplest cameras. You just need to know how to do it.

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