Shoot Fashion Like A Pro

Fashion photography is part of the professional photography mentorship programme that is carried out. But unlike other “garden variety” photography workshops, we stress heavily on the realism of the shoot itself.

So instead of gathering odd pieces of apparel from here and there, and then assembling them together to create a “fashion” shoot, we are actually doing this shoot for a real client, using the client’s actual apparels, that he actually wants for his publicity use. After all, what’s is more realistic than actually shooting for a real fashion client?

We start off working client to agree upon a concept for the client’s apparel. And from there, we work out the styling that we are looking for to best show off the apparel. We even get the make-up artist to sit in for the discussion to best create a whole “package” uniformed look and feel.

_IGP8617 _IGP8670

With the styling settled, we then start work on creating the individual visuals for each and every piece of the apparels. After going through several pencil sketches, the final visuals eventually surfaces, and it is these visuals that will be translated into the actual image during the shoot.

And when it comes to the actual shoot, well, that’s the easiest part. With all of the homework done well in advanced, the actual shoot takes no longer than a half-day engagement. Everybody in the team knows exactly what to do, and when to do it.

_IGP8620 _IGP8623

The resulting images are currently being used as actual promotional material for the client’s opening ceremony.

And yes, the model’s hair is real…..

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