3D Effects On A Flat Screen

It has always been said, to differentiate your presentation visuals from the others by making your slides “pop”. What it means is to make your flat images stand out like 3D from your equally flat screen that it is projected on?

3D Image

So the question here is – how do you project a three dimensional image on a similarly flat projector screen?… The answer is you can’t!… Well, at least not in the way that you think.

How To Make A Flat Image Appear 3D

What you CAN do, is to make your slides to “appear” as if it is 3D from the perspective of the audience. Just like the image above, it is actually flat, but it looks as if it is literary popping out of from the deep reaches of the background. It may take a little knowledge of basic graphic design, but anybody can make things look 3D with a little effort.

Simple techniques like emboss, drop shadow, light and shadow, etc. can and will make a difference. But of course, if you want to make a real difference, there’s no substitute to learning visual communications. It doesn’t matter whether you take up a formal course in graphic design (or something similar), or learn it yourself with self-help books or online tutorials.

If You Want To Do Something Worthwhile, Then Do It Big!…

Another technique that that you can try is to remove the backdrop completely from the slide… literary!… If you’re showing an image, fill the entire slide frame with the image. In fact, blow it up and crop the edges of the image off the sides of the slide frame. Overlap whatever text or features on top of the image. Make it look as if you have several layers of features overlapping on top of the base image.

In a world dominated with run-of-the-mill flat and boring slideshows, these are some techniques that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Go ahead and give it a try… It’ll definitely be worth your while.

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