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Solarex Imaging

After nine whole years of Solarex Imaging web presence using the old format, we have finally made the transition into the 21st century, and went ahead with a new web design, a properly designed and maintained platform. It is time now to say Hello to the new Solarex Imaging website.

Please do bear with us for the next several weeks, as we build this brand new home for all of our contents to live in. Once we have the basic layout sorted out, and move the relevant contents into their respective pages, we will then start putting back the old postings back into this new blog page. There has been a lot of history, not to mention emotional attachments to the previous postings. They are not something that we can simply leave behind and forgotten about.

Just as moving into a physical home, moving into a cyber home takes just as much time and physical work. But in the end, it’s all worth it. For this is the new home that will take us beyond our current level of achievement, and up into the reaches of the clouds in the sky.

I hope that you’re all just as excited as I am.

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