Farewell 2015, And Welcome 2016


Farewell 2015, and thank you for the time we’ve had together for the whole year. There were ups and there were downs, but more importantly, they were all memorable. And it’s now time to welcome your successor, 2016 to take over your baton, and continue the eventful journey with us.

So what’s in store for the brand new year ahead? Well, for one thing, this is gonna be the year that we’re going to start off with a bang, figuratively that is. As most of you may have already known, we haven’t exactly been very active since we first established our online presence, back in 2009. So this is actually gonna be our first, real, wake-up-call, and for Solarex Imaging to make our own little dent in the universe. Where else will we go after that?… Well, if all goes according to plan, hopefully more little dents here and there, and preferably each subsequent one larger than its predecessor!…

We’ve already got a few things drawn up before the curtain is due to fall on 2015, and have been working very hard towards the direction. So here’s a glimpse of what we have got under our sleeves :-

More Frequent Updates

In order to make our presence felt, we need to let people out there know that, hey, we’re alive. And what better way to do that than to have more updates, and at more frequent intervals.

That’s right, no more quietly doing our work, and keeping only the clients happy. If we did something good, we’re gonna shout it out, and the whole world is gonna know about it. But if we didn’t do something good, well, it’s up to the whole world to tell us how we can do it better too. No more flying under the radar for 2016 and beyond.

Recruiting More Writers

If we’re gonna keep the momentum of the articles coming in at a closer interval than before, we’re gonna need more than just one writer. Right now, I alone am contributing to this blog, and I don’t wanna burn out before 2016 is over. So we’re in the process of getting more writers to contribute to this blog.

If you’re reading this article, if you can contribute to our cause, and if you can dance to our tunes, maybe you can write… for Solarex Imaging… 😎 (insert The-A-Team theme song).

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Many people equate CSR only to high profile activities that large corporations carry out to “give back” to the society, as contributing their share into the community as a member of the community itself, or even as a way to cut down on their annual taxable profit. Well, it’s probably true… to a certain extent anyway.

But there are CSR activities that are invisible to the eyes of the public. We know, because we’ve been doing quite a lot of that, under the radar, over the past decade already. Just because we’re not a large corporation (not even remotely close to it) doesn’t mean that we don’t contribute our share to the society too.

However, starting in 2016, we intend to be more open about it, and will report everything that we do right here in this blog.

Share More Techniques With The Readers

There’s a popular saying that goes :-

Those Who Know, Do!
Those Who Don’t, Teach!

Well, we disagree with it of course. And to prove that, we’ll be sharing more of our secret techniques right here on this blog. Studio photographic styles or visual communication techniques, to secret presentation hacks and keeping the morale of your staff at an all time high, nothing is held back. Everything will be approached like an open-book.

Aren’t we afraid of people “stealing” our techniques? Hey, if you’re really intent on stealing it, no amount of keeping all of our techniques wrapped up, securely stored in a safety deposit box, inside a bank vault, is gonna keep you from stealing it, right? Besides, it’s only by knowing that there’s so much more that you may not even know enough about, will you even consider hiring us to do your job.

Products And Services Reviews

This is an idea that I’ve been toying around for quite a bit already. But all the time I was thinking that there are already tonnes of product reviewers out there, reviewing all kinds of stuff, especially those hot-off-the-press, state-of-the-art products. But then it got me thinking, what about the not-so-new, and definitely not-so-well-known products? There doesn’t seem to be much about those things being reviewed. So why not do it myself?

As far as photography is concerned (one of our primary areas of focus), camera bodies and lenses reviews are a plenty all over the World Wide Web. But other less known and used specialty products, like studio lights and specialty backdrops, won’t get much attention out there.

Then there are also tools and services for those interested in the corporate service area, like wireless microphones for public address and training purposes, or presentation softwares for your slideshows. In fact, there are literary infinite amount of items that doesn’t get much publicity, but are equally important to any particular industry.

Generous Amounts Of Human Interest Topics

As much as it is important to keep our feet firmly planted into the core topics, we are, after all, only human, And by being human, while we may be bound together here in Solarex Imaging, via common core interests, we also have other non-core-topic interests too.

So just like any well-established newspapers who prints more than just hard-core, latest news reports, we will also be peppering generous amounts of human interest topics into the mix as well, to balance things up a bit, and make life here just a little bit more interesting.

Make 2016 The Year Of Interactive Sharing

If there’s a particular topic you want us to touch on, or maybe elaborate on something that we’ve posted briefly in the past, do contact us and tell us about it. Or, if you have something that you’d like to contribute personally, please contact us too. We’d gladly credit you as a guest writer for your valuable piece.

Together, let’s make 2016 the Year Of Sharing.

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