How To Increase Visibility?… Easy, Content Creation

How does a company maintain its visibility in cyberspace, or even in the real world for that matter? That’s easy, publish fresh contents regularly. The secret to staying relevant in the competitive world out there actually lies in content creation.

Create content, stay visible

What Actually Makes A Name Or Brand “Relevant”?

In the information age, whenever somebody is looking for something, they always turn to searching for it on the World Wide Web. Perhaps you’re looking to buy handbag, or shoes for your personal use. Or maybe looking to engage a transport company to deliver raw material to your factory. You’ll naturally turn to the internet, searching for companies or individuals who sells what you’re looking to buy.

However, as we already know very well, each search will probably yield hundreds of thousands, if not millions of hits. So how do you know which link to click? Who’s a reliable supplier? Or who sells better quality products? Whether you realise it or not, we’ll naturally sway towards familiar names, be it company names or even product brand names. But the question is, why do we do that? What attracts us towards that particular company, or brand name?

Well, the short answer is because that particular name is familiar to us. And because it is familiar to us, it then becomes “relevant” to us in our search. The technical explanation behind this phenomenon is brand recognition. When we recognise such a brand, it becomes familiar to us. And familiarity then leads towards trust, hence its relevance in our search.

Henceforth, building a recognisable and trustworthy brand becomes the holy grail in all marketing and branding efforts.

Okay, So How Do We Build A Recognisable And Trustworthy Brand?

The first step in creating a recognisable and trustworthy brand is to project expertise in your chosen field. To do that, you’ll need to demonstrate your expertise regularly enough so that it registers in your audience’s subconscious.

By demonstrating regularly, I don’t mean blasting the same advertising message over and over again. Seeing your ad once is fresh and intriguing. Seeing it twice is reminding. But seeing it thrice or more, people become overstimulated, and will unconsciously shut it off from being recorded into the subconscious. Not only is that counter productive, but it might even become repulsive too.

So how do you keep blasting your brand out there to the audience, and still not make it repetitive and repulsive to the audience?… Well, the answer is actually pretty simple, but carrying it out is anything but…

What you need to do is to keep blasting your brand out there, just not tell the same story over and over again. Keep your message the same, but change your story. Show them various routes that you can take, and still end up at the same destination. In short, tell fresh stories all the time, while associating them all to your brand identity.

So How Does This All Work In The Real World?

In order to demonstrate your expertise in any field, you need to showcase your products or services as often as possible. You need to tell your stories in your own words. The more stories you tell, the more trust you gain from your audience. And each story must be accompanied with examples, testimonies, images, videos, real world applications, etc. The keyword here is content.

In short, you need to create contents… Lot’s of contents… Keep them coming, and keep them fresh… The more contents you publish, the more your audience is exposed to your brand identity. And the more your audience sees your brand, the better they remember and recall your brand. And this will ultimately lead to brand recognition and trust.

Content Creation

Starting an advertising campaign is a good vehicle to put across your content. But traditional media for advertising don’t come cheap, especially if you’re planning to tell several different stories.

Alternatively, you can also contribute editorial content to reputable media, like magazines and newspapers. The more you contribute, the more expert your image will become.

Then there are also organising roadshows, doing live demonstrations, and giving away free samples.

The most cost effective way to get published, and by no means less effective, is to publish your contents on corporate blogs. In fact, blogs offer more exposure for the same amount of money spent on the other methods. And if you manage to pair blogging with social media marketing, you’ll have a large and ready pool of audience for your publications.

Actually Sitting Down And Creating The Contents

Okay, you already know which direction you want to go, and which vehicle you want to take to go there. So what’s next?… Well, the next logical step, which is also the most important step, is to actually create the contents…

Let’s face it, you’re the expert in your own field. Nobody knows how to do your job better than yourself. So it’s only natural that nobody can tell your story better than yourself. It’s not enough to know that you’re the best in what you do. Your audience also need to know that you’re the best in what you do too. You need to share your past success stories, explain your specialty, maybe even demonstrate your skills. In short, you need to come up with several stories that exhibit your expertise.

The more regularly you publish a new story, the more relevant you become. So keep your pace steady. Stay current, and maintain your presence.

What better vehicle to do that than on your own corporate blog. But don’t forget to fully exploit the multimedia capability of the internet. Insert images, videos, audios, animations, and whatever else that you can associate with each and every individual stories that you publish. In this age of cyberspace, having an article full of nothing but boring text is a surefire way to turn readers away. So keep it attractive, and keep it relevant.

Tell Your Own Story… Blow Your Own Horn…

Nobody knows your product or services better than yourself. So naturally there’s nobody better to tell your story other than yourself. Sure, a good consultant will be able to guide you on how to best create a story outline, but you’re the protagonist of your own story. So nobody can write that story of you, for you.

There’s no better advice other than to keep it fresh, and keep it coming.

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