Fundamentals Of Lighting Workshop

The very basis of photography is light. So it’s very strange that when it comes to learning photography, nobody emphasise anything about learning lighting. So taking matters into our own hands, we’re collaborating with The Acoustic Shack to run a studio photography workshop. And we’re emphasising on what other photography workshop neglects – studio lighting.

Excerpts Of The Flyer

Always wanted to try your hand in creative lighting but not knowing where to start?

Join is in this simple session to try your hand in creative studio lighting. Catered for the beginner or the curious enthusiast, our session is guaranteed to equip you with the basics and know-hows.

The training will be conducted by Chow Wei Ming, founder of Solarex Imaging. Chow has been involved in photography extensively in his career, an appointed Photojournalist and Sports Photographer for Bernama and also various national and international level advertising agencies. Chow was also formerly a lecturer in Tunku Abdul Rahman College in the subject of Photography and Creative Visual Communication Subjects.

Date: 29th April 2017 (Saturday)

Time: 9am – 12pm

Venue: The Acoustic Shack,
4-2, Jalan USJ 9/5Q,
Taipan Business Centre
47260 Subang Jaya.
(Waze : The Acoustic Shack)

Fees: RM120.00/Pax
(RM100/pax in groups of 3 and above)
Fees covers training costs, teaching material and lighting equipment. Light refreshments will be served.

Participants are required to bring their own cameras (DSLR/Mirrorless) with a hotshoe and a laptop for post editing. However, if you do not own any of these equipment, please inform us and we will be glad to assist you.

What To Expect

This workshop is more of a hands-on approach. Every participant will be exposed to how and why the lighting is set up the way it is. You actually get to learn how light works, and how to modify them to work to your advantage.

Lighting Set Up

You set up the studio lighting to achieve a certain effect. Learn how and why they’re set up the way they are. Experiment with variations of the “standard” set up, and shoot with it to see the different effects. Expose yourself to the professional lighting equipment that is normally used for commercial photography work.

I know that the flier says the time is from 9am to 12pm, but don’t be surprised if the time stretches way beyond what’s printed there. With active participation and asking lot’s of questions, we can expect to go beyond the stipulated time.

So Who Are We Shooting?

What’s more exciting than shooting an actual live model in an actual photography studio, right?… So for this workshop, we’ve the privilege to work with the beautiful Valerie Alexeeva, an Eastern European model.

Are We Learning More Than Just Lighting?

Well, if things go according to plan (and yes, we do have a long-term plan), this workshop is only the tip of the iceberg. We’re planning to conduct a comprehensive series of photography workshops. And we can’t start that without addressing the very basics of photography – lighting.

As to how we will get to the more advanced topics, it’ll all depend on how much support this workshop gets. The more people sign up for this workshop, the more they get to choose what areas of photography they want to progress into with later workshops.

So what’s in store for future workshops?… Fashion?… Glamour?… Abstract?… Artistic?… Special effects?… You request for it, and we’ll organise it.

Cool, I’m Interested, So How Do I Sign Up?

Drop us a line here, quoting “Fundamentals Of Lighting” Workshop. We’ll sign you up, and send you the details about it. Take advantage of the group discount, and bring your friends with you as well.

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