Yap Brothers Group Corporate Branding Consultancy

We’re delighted to report that we’ve recently signed up Yap Brothers Group for our Corporate Branding Consultancy programme. They’re already a well-known household name in the automotive industry. But they have something that makes them unique from the rest of the already crowded automotive industry players. They provide easy ownership services for the niche luxury motor vehicles market.

Yap Brothers Group Sdn. Bhd.

Yap Brothers Group Sdn. Bhd. has been in the automotive industry for a good three decades, dealing with new and used motor vehicles. And over the years, they have diversified into several daughter companies, each specialising in various services within the automotive industry. Needless to say, they’ve become quite a household name for those looking to buy a car.

The Next Step Forward

As with many companies with a long history, they started their business during simpler times. Back when establishing a brand literary means being visible to those who live or work around you. And for that, an attractive signboard was more than sufficient. But to grow even further, and to make a name for yourself to those further away from you geographically, having just a signboard isn’t sufficient any longer. For that, many businesses turn to the traditional media, whether print or electronic, for their advertising needs.

That is good and all for a while, until the information revolution matures, and news are available on demand. What this means is that the number of circulation and readership of the traditional newspapers are dwindling. Many younger audience turn to the internet, specifically to social media, to feed their voracious appetite for news, whether local or international.

However, purchasing media spaces on social media channels isn’t as simple as it was with newspapers or billboards. Of course you could always advertise on social media independently. But there’s a “problem”. Everything is linked to something on the internet. So if your advertisement isn’t linked to anything, then it’s likely that visitors will be left high and dry…

Comprehensive Branding Solution

As we embark on our branding journey together, we shall endeavour to bring Yap Brothers Group’s brand into the information age. Starting off with a user-friendly corporate website, and social media marketing plan. But more importantly, streamline the whole brand identity, whether online or offline.

We warmly welcome Yap Brothers Group into our family. Anybody in the market for a luxury vehicle?…

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