Our Take On “Idiot-Proof Guide To SEO”

As businesses advance their knowledge on the importance of their cyber presence, the question of SEO naturally comes up next. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is now the latest buzzword in clients’ requirements. The problem is that there’s no idiot-proof way to “educate” them what is, or isn’t SEO.

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So What’s SEO, Really?…

As the name suggests, Search Engine Optimisation literary means to optimise your website’s search-ability on the Internet. To be more precise, to make it easier for search engines to find you. Simple, right?…

Unfortunately, not everything is as simple as it’s often made out to be. To be searchable, you need to know roughly what the audience is searching for, and to make sure that you appear high enough in their search results to be visible. You need to know what keywords are in their search, hence outrank your competitors when such keywords are requested. And don’t forget, there’re generally only ten matches displayed on the first result page. If you turn out to be match number 14,864 on the result list, it’s as good as not getting any match at all. Your target?… Hit the top-ten list!

To be displayed high up on the result list, you need to be ranked high. In layman’s term, you literary have to be popular with the search engines to be chosen for the top result page. So yes… It actually turns out to be nothing more than a cyber popularity contest… Only an idiot will claim otherwise.

So It’s Just Another Popularity Contest?

Naturally, the next question would be “how to become popular” in cyberspace. Well, the answer is pretty simple actually. The more visits you have on your website, the more cyber footprints your visitors will leave behind. The more cyber footprints you have, the more search engines will take notice of your website. Ultimately, the more search engines take notice of you, the higher you’ll rank. And the higher your website rank, the more they’ll recommend you to even more visitors. Thence increasing your popularity even more.

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So what this all this means is that, to be popular, you first need to be – get this – popular!… The ultimate game of chicken and egg!…

“Are You Taking Me For An Idiot?…”

Whilst this sounds like a practical joke, it’s actually the true representation of a real situation. But don’t worry, it’s not a hopeless case. There really is a solution to all these doom and gloom… Well, two solutions actually…

(1) Backend SEO “Magic”

No, it’s not actually magic, but after we’re done with the explanation, it might as well be… This is usually referred to as backend SEO “tweaking” or “manipulation”. A professional website developer, or an SEO expert, sprinkles pixie dust, and magically inserts cyber footprints into the client’s website. With more footprints in your website, search engines start taking notice of you. And the more they take notice of you, the more popular your website will become.

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The thing you need to understand is that these “footprints” are not left behind by actual visitors dropping by your website. Instead, they’re strategically and purposefully placed there. Thousands upon thousands of footprints, left behind by “bots” (short for robots). We’re not going into detail on how it’s actually done, but yeah, with the right expertise, it can be done. We’ll simply refer to this as targeted visitations by bot audience, not human audience. It artificially inflates the number of visitors, when there really isn’t all that many real human visitors.

The effect is immediate, literary starting the party with a bang. Unfortunately, when you pull the plug (i.e. stop paying the developer), your party will crash with a bang too. You can keep the false hope going long enough for the effect to really sink in (i.e. fake it till you make it). But that also means you’re gonna have to keep paying the SEO magician his/her high asking fee.

Our parting words – it looks real, but deep down inside, we both know that it’s really not…

(2) Build Organic Traffic (Real Human Visitors)

Unlike magically inserting footprints where no humans actually travelled, it actually takes a lot of time, effort and money to build visitor traffic. This fact alone makes it very unattractive to most businesses. After all, we live in the age of instant gratification…

To raise your cyber popularity, you first need to have high visitor traffic to your website. This means attracting visitors to your website – human visitors, not bots. What you really need is quality content that attracts human attention. Easy, right?… Well, not exactly… You need high quality, regular and consistent contents. You need to tell stories, interesting stories, that relate to your business.

And The Idiot-Proof Solution Is…

Your solution is to simply produce fresh, high quality content, and produce them regularly. Nothing disrupts a growth process more than inconsistency. You may be very good at what you do. But if you’re not good at story telling, you’re gonna find it hard to attract and maintain attention… human attention. So if you can’t tell your own stories, it makes sense to hire professional story tellers to tell your story.

This will result in you attracting real human visitors, leaving behind real human footprints on your website. The wonderful thing is that human traffic don’t stampede and gate crash at your party all at once. They also all don’t leave your party at a drop of a hat either. Remember the time when the police showed up at your door, responding to noise complaints from your neighbours?… Yeah, exactly like that… So while you won’t start your party with a bang, you also won’t crash with a bang either.

“From the look of the footprints, I’d say that this beach is pretty darn popular” – Image designed by freepik.com

Our parting words – Rome wasn’t built in one day. So if your reputation’s worth it, then it’s worth investing to build it up your own version of Rome.

“So What Idiot-Proof Method Do You Recommend To Boost My SEO?”

Let’s be realistic, there’s no such thing as a “best” method. Only an idiot would claim otherwise. Every process is a compromise in one way or another. If your objective is to build genuine cyber reputation, it’s only logical to attract real human traffic, not bots.

You can proudly claim that you enjoy high popularity with search engines. You may even have the numbers to back your claim too. But deep down inside, you’ll know if your “fans” are real human beings, or simply a random gaggle of meaningless ones and zeros.

Our opinion?… Well, only an idiot will believe that you can attract attention of real human beings by proving to be popular with bots…

So there you have it – the idiot-proof guide to understanding how SEO really works… Or should we call it an Idiot’s Guide instead?…

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