Espoletta: Platform For Your Brand Projection

One of the most common, and biggest “problem” when proposing a branding exercise for clients is budget, or lack thereof. So putting our thinking caps on, we came to a conclusion… A very obvious conclusion… The branding exercise is pretty standard actually, consisting primarily of quality content creation. So instead of having individual teams of content creators for each client, why not have them all share a common platform? And from there, Espoletta is born…

Espoletta, a brand new baby, sharing the same DNA as Solarex Imaging.

Branding Exercise In A Nutshell

Most branding exercise consist mainly of three main components. A corporate anchor platform (corporate website), a way to market the platform (social media marketing), and content creation. Most businesses already have their corporate website. Whether it’s effective or not isn’t the topic of discussion here. The second component, the vehicle to market their presence is also pretty common. Most companies already have their corporate social media accounts too. What most of them don’t have, which is also the most important key component, is content.

Content creation is the most important component in developing and building a brand presence. So what’s content creation again?… Well, to put it in common layman’s term, it’s storytelling. You need to have stories for you to tell. You host them on your corporate website (blog), and you share them on your social media accounts. Without these stories, there’s nothing to publish on your blog, and nothing to share on your social media.

Of the three components, content creation is the most labour intensive, hence the most expensive component. If you can’t tell stories on your own (most companies can’t), you need to engage professional story tellers. Even hiring part-timers to create contents, and tell your stories, it still won’t come cheap. The recommended interval for publication is weekly. And getting professional storytellers to publish one article per week don’t exactly come cheap.

But what if you can share the writers’ services with others? Will it save on the overall cost?… Well, from the conclusion that we made, we actually can share the writers’ services, just like how a high-density residential building share the amenities with their neighbours. And from this conclusion, Espoletta – Lifestyle ● Journal was born.

Espoletta – Lifestyle ● Journal

Espoletta is an online lifestyle journal. It basically shares stories about anything and everything that interests consumers. You’re interested to know more about food and beverage? We have it. You want to know where to plan your next holiday destinations? Yeah, we have that too. How about more, ahem!… professional topics, like banking, investments and financial planning?… Yup, we have that too. Perhaps you have a more eclectic lifestyle. Well, we feature sartorial, fashion, tailoring, horology, and even luxury automotive too. Anything that to help you, the consumer, to stand out from the rest of the society.

But these contents don’t simply drop from the sky. The contents that are featured here are actual products and services, offered by real merchants. Sadly, most of these smaller and obscure merchants aren’t even known to everybody. And that severely limits the choices that most consumers have. These choices are usually limited to those offered by large corporations, chains and franchises. What if you have want something unique, something bespoke to you, and you alone? Well, you’ll never find those from the mass produced products or standard services offered by the corporate giants.

Here’s where Espoletta comes to the rescue… again!… Espoletta actually bridges the gap between consumers and merchants. Consumers looking for unique products and services which are not readily available, with merchants that actually offers them, but have no way to reach out to a wider audience.

Espoletta Bridges Consumers With Merchants

While Espoletta is evidently servicing the consumers, what’s not so obvious is that it’s also servicing merchants as well. Small and medium scale businesses, including those family run ones, don’t usually have big business capitals. And this translate to a smaller advertising and promotion (A&P) budget… if they have one at all… All this points to their inability to build their brand awareness, and spread their message far and wide. Well, if you’re satisfied with the limited reach, and limited business potential, that’s all fine. But what if you’re ambitious, and want to reach out to a bigger audience? How can you tell your stories if you can’t afford to engage a branding consultant?

Screenshot of Espoletta’s homepage. What you see here is just the tip of the iceberg. There’re plenty more where that came from.

This is where Espoletta comes to the rescue. Espoletta is essentially a shared platform for storytelling. Most small scale businesses probably can’t afford to engage a dedicated brand consultant. And even more so, one that comes with a team of professional storytellers. But these smaller businesses definitely can afford to share the same resources on a common platform. A shared platform enables these small timers to share the resources to tell and spread their stories. And as a bonus, they also get to share the audience too. Imagine, a vast and varied types of audience, for the different types of businesses that they’re engaged in. It’ll definitely spread all the merchants’ stories much further than if they were doing it all alone. And yeah, cheaper too… Much, much cheaper…

The Local Watering Hole For Consumers

Whether you’re looking for a bespoke tailor for your wedding suit, or perhaps looking for a unique Mediterranean dining experience to celebrate your wedding anniversary, chances are there’ll be a merchant featured here that offers exactly what you’re looking for. So scour the contents on Espoletta, and come back regularly for more. There’ll definitely be something for everyone here.

Who knows, you might even want to come on board, and spread your own stories far and wide too. After all, Espoletta is the bridging platform of everybody. So why not take the full advantage of it?

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