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My PixCHOW Wei Ming founded Solarex Imaging in 2005, after having had worked many years in various industries, from FMCG manufacturing factories to creative and imaging services, and from academic teaching to corporate training. Yes indeed, he is one of the very few people that can truly claim to be multi-disciplinary and multi-industry in working experience.

Armed with a double major in Chemistry and Biology, this typical looking Science Graduate looks like a fish out of water in the creative industry. But it is actually quite the opposite. His scientifically structured approach and ability to visualise in 3-dimensions makes him the best example of a combined Science and Arts candidate to excel in any commercial situation.

He has extensive experience in various fields of photography, having been working with many organisations throughout his career. He was appointed as a Photojournalist and Sports Photographer with BERNAMA, the national news agency of Malaysia, covering international level sporting events. He also worked with several national and international level advertising agencies for various commercial jobs.

As part of his contribution back to the society, he lectured part-time in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, conducting lectures, tutorials and practical instructions in creative and visual communication subjects. Occasionally, he also conducts free talks to institutions of higher learning, on subjects pertaining to presentation technique.

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