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Founded on 8th May 2005, Solarex Imaging (Biz Reg : 001549451-D), is based in the capital city of Kuala LumpurMalaysia (UTC+8). The business identity of Solarex Imaging is a service oriented business, which caters for business segments in :-

Corporate Branding Consultancy

Specialising in developing and building brand identities for corporations, products, services, and just about anything that you want to attach an identity to. We help clients develop and maintain their most prized possession – their brand identity.

Visual Communication, Digital Imaging And Photographic Services

With more than two decades of commercial photographic experience under our belts, we are more than capable of professionally capturing your happiest and most cherished memories, and then immortalise them into high-quality graphical representations, a worthy heirloom to be handed down to your descendants.

Corporate Communication, Training And Workshops

Starting out with teaching technical subjects like photography and imaging skills, we adapted these skills to the corporate environment. Developing a brand new technique to deliver contents to the audience, we pride ourselves in our ability to not only deliver a high-energy session, but also enable high content retention rates for our participants.

We conduct corporate communication and training workshops to any audience, whether large or small. Our services include conducting various corporate training workshops, as well as consultation services for the improvement of corporate communications, written or spoken, casual internal conversations or official international letters, internal organisational workflows or external event coordinations, etc.

Our flagship of the Corporate Training segment, of course, is the coaching of Business Presentations, the ultimate sales talk…

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