Fundamentals Of Lighting Workshop

The very basis of photography is light. So it’s very strange that when it comes to learning photography, nobody emphasise anything about learning lighting. So taking matters into our own hands, we’re collaborating with The Acoustic Shack to run a Continue reading Fundamentals Of Lighting Workshop

Photography Mentorship Programme

In the previous instalment, we presented two ways you can spend your hard-earned money to expand on your photography. This round, we’ll tell you exactly how you can establish your photography, and start earning money from it. Buy New Gear Or Continue reading Photography Mentorship Programme

Should New Photographers Buy Gear Or Lessons?

We’ve heard this question many times before – Should a new photographer spend his or her hard earned money building up the photographic arsenal, or sign up for more photography lessons instead? Why the dilemma, you ask? Well, we’ve all been there before, Continue reading Should New Photographers Buy Gear Or Lessons?