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Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is a consultative service that helps you develop, build and grow your unique brand identity. The overall objective here is to establish a continuously growing brand reputation and goodwill of your corporate identity and/or product or services identity. Corporate Branding is an infinite goal, a journey rather than a destination. A successful brand is one that is slowly, but continuously growing.

Branding Service Components

(1) Brand Identity Package

To design a brand name, logo, tagline, professional photography, other identifying components (corporate colour, font, staff uniform, sales training, etc.). Upon client’s request, we also include designs for physical stationeries too (e.g. business cards, letterheads, envelopes, product labels, etc.).

(2) Corporate Website

To design and build a new domain, or to revamp an existing domain, using open source, content management system. To build all the necessary webpages needed to project the brand image, as well as to conduct your business with.

(3) Blog Updates

To publish contents regularly, inline with the client’s brand identity. To ensure that there’s always fresh contents, to continuously attract visitor traffic, both online as well as physically.

(4) Social Media Marketing

To maintain a presence in the social media universe, ensuring that the brand is always visible to the citizens of the selected social media channels. All new blog updates, as well as upcoming events, will be shared across the board for maximum visibility.

(5) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

To build and maintain a reputable online presence with search engines, so that the client’s brand is indexed, and easily searchable. When a website is searchable, the brand visibility will rise, and the brand will enjoy more exposure.

(6) Advertising Campaigns

To establish a branding direction, so that all subsequent advertising campaigns can be aligned, and to build upon every consecutive campaign. The resulting overall reputation of the brand will slowly, but surely, grow further than the sum of all the advertising campaigns being run independently.

(7) Events And Publicities

To help organise and coordinate events to further enhance the brand identity, as well as to maintain a continuity of the cyber presence of the brand. To initiate and represent the client in media events, to further spread the brand identity across other avenues and other media channels.

(8) Other Offline Branding Identities

Every client and their businesses are unique. Thus, no two clients will have the same branding requirements, nor the desire to grow brand identity in similar ways. Understanding this unique requirements will enable the development of unique branding activities for every individual client.

Contact us for a commitment-free discussion on how we can help you develop, and take your brand even further than you’ve ever thought possible.

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