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Listed below are some of our works that we have delivered in the past on corporate branding. Please do bear in mind that the copyright of the contents contained within belong to the respective clients. With that in mind, click on the links below to view the live version of their online presence :-

Shadowfax Sdn. Bhd.

Shadowfax logo (New)
Shadowfax Sdn. Bhd. is a company that manufacturers printing chemicals in support of the printing industry. They service customers as large as newspaper printers, all the way down to your neighbourhood commercial printers.

We helped to elevate their brand identity from being known only to the printing industry to the whole cyber world. Revived an undead corporate website into something that provides information that potential customers will be asking when they come visiting. Crucial information like humanising a cold corporate identity with actual faces of the people there. And most importantly, transform an undead website into an active and regularly updated information bank.

We also helped to establish a social media presence, and further spread their presence to a much wider sphere than it normally would with just a corporate website alone.
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