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Listed below are the portfolio of some of our works that we have delivered¬†in the past. Do bear in mind that most of our works are on behalf of clients, and that we do not own the copyright for those images. But should you be interested in any particular type of work, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Glamour Photography

The art of making a woman look feminine, sensual, sexy. The objective here isn't about what she "looks", but how she "feels". Facial expression, mood, emotion, the whole works.

Fashion Photography

Expressing the artistic values of the apparel. The subject here isn't the model, but the apparel, accessories, and the overall package that the model is exhibiting.

Landscape Photography

Conveying the beauty of the location, landscape isn't merely about how good a place look. It is also about how many senses it touches, and how it evokes the viewer's emotions.

Interior Photography

Most interior designers would want to squeeze in as much interior space into the frame as possible. But keeping the lines straight, and perspective realistic is the secret of interior photography.

Creative Photography

Taking an ordinary image, and making it extraordinarily different is what makes creative photography, well, creative. Examples here are modern day "antique" look.


Whether reporting hardcore news, or writing on human interests, writing a story with the emphasis on photographic images is what photojournalism is all about.

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