Who Is Or Isn’t A Content Creator?

In the media world, the term “content creator” is thrown about quite a bit. You hear it in sales pitches, recruitment ads, and even clients looking to service providers to help boost their “visibility”. But as the noise increases, the Continue reading Who Is Or Isn’t A Content Creator?

Designer Vs. Design Entrepreneur

It’s no surprise that many design graduates strive to eventually branch out on their own, to start their own businesses. After all, it’s much sexier to call yourself an XYZ entrepreneur rather than an XYZ designer. But just how different Continue reading Designer Vs. Design Entrepreneur

It….. It….. It’s Alive!…..

Just like the infamous undead monster that was brought to life by stitching together dead human body parts by Dr. Victor Frankenstein, the protagonist in Mary Shelly’s novel, Frankenstein, your website… is alive… Or at least it should be. But how exactly is Continue reading It….. It….. It’s Alive!…..

Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive?

As a working photographer for so many years, I have had my fair share of uninspiring questions like “Why are you so expensive?”, and many of its other variants. The person asking these questions is basically asking how do we justify Continue reading Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive?