Fundamentals Of Lighting Workshop

The very basis of photography is light. So it’s very strange that when it comes to learning photography, nobody emphasise anything about learning lighting. So taking matters into our own hands, we’re collaborating with The Acoustic Shack to run a Continue reading Fundamentals Of Lighting Workshop

Photography Mentorship Programme

In the previous instalment, we presented two ways you can spend your hard-earned money to expand on your photography. This round, we’ll tell you exactly how you can establish your photography, and start earning money from it. Buy New Gear Or Continue reading Photography Mentorship Programme

“Death By PowerPoint” Seminar in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Just finished delivering a seminar on “Death By PowerPoint” to the undergraduates and lecturers of the Faculty of Applied Science and Computing (FASC), Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC) today. The way the audience reacted to the seminar, I believe I shook things quite Continue reading “Death By PowerPoint” Seminar in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College

Shoot Fashion Like A Pro

Fashion photography is part of the professional photography mentorship programme that is carried out. But unlike other “garden variety” photography workshops, we stress heavily on the realism of the shoot itself. So instead of gathering odd pieces of apparel from Continue reading Shoot Fashion Like A Pro

Collaboration With Sapura Imaging

The collaboration between Solarex Imaging with Sapura Imaging (M) Sdn. Bhd. (formally known as Build East Graphics Sdn. Bhd.) to conduct digital photography workshops has been going on for quite some time now. But isn’t until now that this collaboration Continue reading Collaboration With Sapura Imaging